Unsolicited Advice


January 12, 2015

My unicorn
Is patron saint of regret.
He holds dominion over
Things wished-for but not received.
the unfulfilled, unrequited, unrealized.

Get it? He says, I’m like a Magritte or an Escher. Self-referential.

I don’t. Or, I do, but I’m wallowing.

Quite unselfservingly,
He says I should
shun the vaporous un….
and rather mind those things I got
but did not think to wish for.

Treasure there, matey –
Forges to steel the metal in yer mettle;
(He’s fond of pirate talk, too. Who knew?)
Jewels to find and mine and polish;
And critters to craft your character–
Gollums surely, but a perhaps Samwise or maybe Gandalf.
Who wouldn’t find a wizard handy in tight spots?

Or a unicorn, I say.

He just stares. Is that a snort?

Oh, and cherish, but don’t count your blessings. They come in different sizes.