The physics of love


October 6, 2014

like surfing a comet

in such a frictionless state
we are thought experiments in
Schrodinger’s sanctuary,
simultaneously alive and dead, both and neither,
statistically speaking.
let us out of the box to end the mystery;
measure our true state at your peril and ours.

novices idealize its positions, velocities,
accelerations of different centers of mass.
meanwhile the conservation of momentum,
the history of trajectories of particles in collision,
demonstrates the superiority of this calculus over that algebra.

thermodynamics describes expanding heat, rising
but then entropy, entropy, entropy.

electrodynamics binds the electric and magnetic
through which polar opposites make sparks fly.

the strong nuclear force, with its companion forces bind mortal
but what of orbits around her sun –
so many planets rocky, major and minor alike –
or the satellites, some perhaps hospitable to life.
i’ll run rings around ya, fella. and leave a glittering spray in passing.

to me this is all ten dimensional string theory. what else
could unify
Cupid’s quantum and classical mechanics?
really, Einstein, what could create the
a black hole at the center of my galaxy,
the really big bang
whose aftermath leaves a telltale trail
of radiation across the background of your unknown universe?
what else could warp spacetime across years of light
and darkness?

she is our specific gravity without which we’d fly hurtling off
into space.

a quantity neither created nor destroyed
Just try to measure. There are no units.