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September 14, 2023

Earlier in the summer, I tried to make a hex sticker for the Open Science Bootcamp.

One of my inspirations was this post from the R bloggers site:

So, I entered the terms “open transparent reproducible science” into the AI, and it came back with this image:

AI generated image for “open transparent reproducible science”

We didn’t like it much, so we ended up using a word cloud as a poor man’s substitute.

In digging a little deeper though, I found the hexSticker package (

Every self-respecting computer-person has to have a collection of hex stickers, right? Ok, so I confess that I do not put stickers on my laptop. I’m one of those folks who likes the sleek metalic look of my laptop to remain, well sleek and metalic. But I recognize a popular trend when I see one. So here, mostly to document where and how to do it, is some code to make a simple hex sticker. It draws heavily on the how-tos from the hexSticker GitHub site.


  package = "PLAY",
  p_size = 35,
  p_color = "#5C8C5C",
  h_fill ="#FFFFFF",
  h_color = "#5C8C5C",
  s_x = 1,
  s_y = .8,
  s_width = .40,
  filename = "play-hex.png"

Hex sticker for the PLAY Project

There are a lot of parameters to play with to make this look good. But this is a start. Go forth and make stickers.