Food for thought


May 7, 2015

yes she cranked the handle
but the meat and potato man put his heart in the grinder
and no one saved the pink spaghetti strands for chili.

he could have had his cake and eaten humble pie
or worn it as a badge of honorable intent.
instead he tasted just desserts that fate sandwiched
between margaritaville and a cheeseburger in paradise.

full of gumption Forest’s mother disparaged the integrity of chocolates.
Me, I find it a mixed bag of lettuce with dressing on the side.

You’re more likely to find a happy meal in strawberry or key lime – sweetness
that don’t need no rhyme.
Eden Earth yields galactically good fruit.
(Kpax swallowed it rind and all.)
Eve murmurs amen, and knowing smilingly says
bone appetite my cherry.
Be my eye’s apple.
I’ll be the salt of your Earth.