Delivering the package

open science

September 30, 2023

databraryr package logo

At long last, I submitted my first R package to CRAN. It’s called databraryr, and it represents several years of learning. databraryr permits users to interact with the Databrary API.

So what? Well, the package permits users to develop computational workflows and scripts that can be easily shared with other users. I myself use the package to generate reports about the PLAY project’s survey data and to report on the status of Databrary’s holdings.

Once the package is released, I’m hoping others will start to use it in their own research. For now, if you’re interested in trying it out, you can find it at

Jeff Spies has helped me polish the package, especially the code related to user authentication. I knew nothing about developing R packages or APIs when I started, but thanks to the generous spirit and knowledge of the R community, I now know more. And perhaps more important, I’ve built something useful. That’s always satisfying.