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March 19, 2024

After working through the configuration settings for, I decided to overhaul my personal website and blog. I’d been using the excellent Netlify service, and there had been no problems. But it seemed prudent to apply the same configuration to my other blog and site.

The process was as follows:

  1. Remove the automatic build and publishing configuration from Netlify.
  2. Move the site to my personal GitHub account (rogilmore) under the ‘’ repo. This repo has special status that will make it easier for me to make project-specific sites in the future.
  3. Verifying my custom domain for GitHub pages. I followed the steps outlined here. This involved changing the DNS configuration parameters from my domain registrar.
  4. Adding the appropriate A records to the DNS configuration so that ‘’ would point to the GitHub pages servers. I followed these steps. I also added a CNAME parameter so that ‘’ would point to ‘’.

Since I also own ‘’, I added a forward record to my domain name service.

  1. Under the GitHub Pages tab for, enable the Build and deployment from the master branch using the ‘docs/’ folder. This required some changes to the rendering parameters for the site. I have come to prefer separate ‘src/’ and ‘docs/’ directories for my repos. This means that ’src/_quarto.yml’ must have the following:
  type: website
  output-dir: "../docs"
  1. Add the custom ‘’ domain to GitHub pages and permit the DNS check.

That seemed to work.