Cool Paperpile/GitHub integration

visual acuity project

March 28, 2024

Teller Acuity Card data from

Several years ago, on the recommendation of Tal Yarkoni, I started using Paperpile for reference management. I like the Google Chrome integration and the easy ability to import references and PDFs. My lab uses it extensively, including for projects like our Legacy Project: Visual Acuity initiative where we are doing a large scale synthesis of data about the development of visual acuity.

The project has also provided a testbed to evaluate how we make an open research protocol and how we use Quarto tools to monitor our progress in various phases of data collection, cleaning, and visualization.

For example, here is a recent plot from our data collection dashboard:

The workflow has many manual steps, but I have recently discovered that Paperpile will synch a specific subset of papers directly to GitHub. So, if I can figure out how to pull the data from that synched *.bib file, we can save ourselves some manual data entry and its accompanying headaches.